May 21, 2020 2 min read


The love for all things related to waterfowl hunting was instilled in Slayton Gearin at a young age. His father, Tim, got Slayton involved early on, but the art of duck calling really took hold when he was about 11 years old. "I saw a cassette tape called Straight Talk by Buck Gardner and talked my parents into buying it for me", Slayton recalls. He listened to that tape every day for weeks, attempting to master every aspect of a mallard hen's vocabulary - and driving his parents crazy in the process. Before long, his calling skills were proficient enough that older gentlemen were calling him and his dad to come hunt with them so he could call ducks for them.

With the help and encouragement from older hunters in the area, Slayton entered calling contests and created a routine to fit the "main street" style of duck calling. While hunting and learning as much as possible about calling to live ducks was his primary passion, contest calling remained a way to test his skills and meet like-minded hunters. Slayton would soon win the 2004 Chick & Sophie Major Memorial contest and earn runner up in the 2004 Junior World's Duck Calling Championship. He's gone on to place in over 60 calling contests, winning 36 major contests, including a #3 finish in the prestigious World's Duck Calling Contest in Stuttgart, AR and winning the 2017 World Team Live Duck Calling Contest with Seth Fields in Easton, MD.

So it's safe to say that Slayton's passion for duck hunting runs deep. In fact, he's been able to turn it into a career by working here at Buck Gardner Calls. This short video gives a little insight into the role of people and places that help us all connect with a passion for waterfowl hunting and the memories we make along the way.