October 20, 2020 1 min read

We wanted to have some fun with one of our tried and true duck calls this Halloween, so we took the Buck Brush single reed acrylic and made a Limited Edition run with a few modifications. First, we took an Orange Pearl acrylic barrel and custom-engraved it with spider web checkering that wraps 360-degrees around the barrel. Next, we added a black Cerakote® finish to the bands to enhance the Halloween theme. Lastly, we engraved the back of each toneboard with the call number, 1 through 25. That's right... we only made 25 of these calls and some of them are already sold, grab one while you still can.

The Buck Brush is crisp and loud with a shorter barrel for improved air control and operation. Each of these Buck Brush calls has a hand-sanded tone board and fitted with hand-trimmed reeds and real cork to ensure performance.

Click the video below to hear Slayton Gearin run this call from top to bottom.

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