Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving


We are now offering fully customizable engraving on all acrylic and wood calls. Every call that leaves our doors we guarantee that it would hang on our own lanyards as well.

As waterfowl hunters, we know that sometimes the hunt is dictated by how well you are able to read and communicate with the birds. We all have our go to call and we promise that any call you buy from us, you will reach for on every hunt. Everyone has their own style of calling, so why not have your own style of call? Each one of these calls is already hand painted and hand tuned so go a step further and add your own personal touch to your new go to call. 

We start each customizable call with a $30 set up fee and a $6 engraving fee. (Standard name and dates have no set up fee and are $6)

For fully customized calls please call 877-245-9113 and ask for Zach or email