Who We Trust...

As hard core waterfowlers, we push ourselves and our gear to the limits year in and year out. That is why we trust the best gear in the hunting industry to get us through the hunting season. 

Sitka Gear - Turning Clothing into Gear

SITKA Gear | Turning Clothing Into Gear

Sitka Gear is the industry leader in high quality hunting clothes and gear. They have been trusted in the hunting community for over a decade and continue to excel in state-of-the-art hunting clothes and gear design. We wear Sitka because we hunt hard and Sitka, without fail, stands the test of time through rigorous use and abuse.  


Rig-Em-Right Outdoors - Heavily Seasoned

Rig 'em Right Waterfowl : Duck Hunting Gear, Apparel, Clothing, Hats – Rig'Em Right (rigemright.com)

We have trusted Rig 'Em Right since back when it was just decoy anchors and jerk strings. Now, with the ever-evolving hunting technology, we trust Rig 'Em Right to protect our dogs, conceal us, and to carry our hunting valuables. They are the standard of toughness and durability of gear and equipment in the industry.


Lucky Duck Premium Decoys - Masters of Deception

Lucky Duck Premium Decoys

When it comes to motion decoys there is no other option. Lucky Duck Premium Decoys are by far the highest quality and toughest motion decoys available today. If it is permitted, you will always see us with Lucky Duck products in our spread. There is no better option for deceiving hard-headed waterfowl than the products coming out of the Lucky Duck shop. 


Boss Shotshells - Unmuzzled

Boss Shotshells

We shoot Boss Shotshells because there is not even a close second when it comes to waterfowl loads. The sheer knockdown power of these shells are a sight to behold. If you like cleaner kills and less cripples, Boss Shotshells are the only way to go. 


onX Hunt

Best Hunting Apps: GPS Landownership Maps for iPhone, Android, Web, Garmin | onX (onxmaps.com)

onX Hunt is one of the most crucial parts of our gameplan every time we step foot in the field. From property boundaries and ownership to wind direction in specific locations, to the tracking feature for easier access, this is by far the most important tool in a hunter's arsenal. onX has help us bag countless more birds and we trust them to get us to many more.