Ordering & Shipping Questions

Our goal is to ship orders placed through the website within one (1) business day from when you place the order. Orders placed Friday-Sunday should ship Monday.

Orders with custom laser engraving will take an addition 2-3 days processing time. 

We normally use US Postal Service. Most orders ship with Priority Shipping but some smaller items, such as reed kits, stickers, the 6-in-1 Whistle, and small accessories, will ship First Class to get a more affordable shipping rate. Expedited shipping services are available as well. 

If you are not happy with your purchase, items may be returned within fourteen (14) days of receipt. You can return items purchased here at BuckGardner.com for either a refund or an exchange for another item. 

General Questions

Yes - we can make acrylic calls in custom colors not shown on the website, provided the color of acrylic material exists. Custom orders are priced at the time of the request and must be ordered by calling us at 877-245-9113.

There are many choices for game calls out there, and we are thankful you are considering Buck Gardner Calls. For our best advice on selecting a new call, please check out our How To Choose A Call guide.

Every Buck Gardner Call is backed by free re-tuning services for life. Visit our Call Re-Tuning Service page, download and print the form, and we'll get you back up and running in no time.

We try to be good corporate citizens by actively supporting non-profit events and fundraisers here in our hometown and surrounding community. As you can imagine, we get hundreds of requests for event support from across the country and, unfortunately, we cannot participate in them all due to the volume of requests. Requests for donations must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event and must be submitted through our Contact Us page.

Warranty Information

Some "lifetime warranties" have a lot of gray area, so we try to keep our simple. Our lifetime warranty covers any defects in workmanship and materials that impact the functionality of the call. Each call is inspected before it ships, so these events are unlikely - but here are some examples of warranty claims: the band falls off, a diamondwood barrel cracks, or a thin polycarbonate part such as a Mallard Magic insert cracks.

Tuning issues and anything related to the sound or operation of the call falls under our Lifetime Re-Tuning policy, which is a free service.

Normal wear and tear, abuse, lost parts, or lack of maintenance are not covered under warranty. Here are some examples: an insert was lost because it didn't have a lanyard loop on it, a call melted because it stays on the dashboard of a vehicle from February to August, or your dog chewed up the call.

We can still help you if any part of your call is lost or damaged. Most of our components are available for sale individually if you need to replace an insert, barrel, or internal components. Just shoot us an email or call us - we can help.

It's very easy - just call us at 877-245-9113 or email customerservice@buckgardner.com. We'll help right away and get you back in the field ASAP.

Duck Call Product Questions

Spit-Tech™ is our unique toneboard design that allows moisture to cycle quickly through the call to prevent sticking or hang-ups. Many people inadvertently spit into the call, which can accumulate in the reeds and cause sticking, especially in below-freezing temperatures. Spit-Tech™ toneboards are found in all variations of our Double Nasty, Double Cross, and SpitFire duck call models.

Generally speaking, single reed calls are usually louder than double reed calls. Our loudest double reed is the Double Nasty. Our loudest single reed calls are the Slampiece and Kryptonite.

With solid mechanics, most duck calls can get soft on the low end. However, some calls are designed specifically to perform in the low to mid volume range. Our top choices for lower volume or finishing calls are the C3 Double Reed, the SpitFire, and the Slimpiece set up as a double reed.

Goose Call Product Questions

This is a concept that began with diehard Canada goose hunters and contest callers. The more they used their calls, the vibration of the reed actually wore a path into the trough. This helped these experienced callers achieve a sweet spot in their call's guts (trough, wedge, and reed system). It takes a very long time and LOTS of calling to break in or wear a pattern into molded guts - much more calling repetition and time than the average goose hunter puts into a call. To replicate this "broken in" effect, call makers found that a goose call trough can be molded to reproduce the shape and characteristics of a trough that was naturally broken in. So essentially, you get the benefits of a set of "broken in" Canada goose guts right out of the box. Our Honker Hammer and Grey Ghost calls both come with "broke in" guts.

Our unique Quick-Tune™ guts are a set of Canada goose guts (trough, wedge, and reed system) that essentially only fit together one way. The trough, wedge, and reed fit together with the use of tabs to act as a guide for positioning the three parts together for assembly into the call. This makes them incredibly easy to take apart in the field, clean out dirt or debris, and re-assemble so you can get right back to hunting. Our Canada Hammer, Gander Hammer, and all of our acrylic/poly and diamondwood/poly goose calls use Quick-Tune guts.