Timber Pack Combo

This duck call 2-pack includes two of Buck Gardner Calls' most popular and effective duck calls: the Double Nasty double-reed mallard call and the Wood Duck call. Double Nasty: The Double Nasty double reed is a cornerstone of Buck Gardner's duck call line and one of the best-selling calls of all time. It is loud, extra-raspy, and guaranteed not to stick thanks to the Spit-Tech™ toneboard design. The Spit-Tech technology allows the call to blow when wet from spit, condensation, and even accidental dips in the water. Every Double Nasty duck call is tuned by hand and tested by Buck Gardner's staff of dedicated duck hunters in Memphis, TN. Wood Duck Call: A quality wood duck call can be a valuable tool during both early wood duck and teal seasons, as well as the regular duck season. Bring fast-flying wood ducks into your spread by mastering the sounds of the contented whine while made on the water. Made of durable polycarbonate.