Cocobolo Collection

You asked and we delivered... 

Welcome back the Double Nastyand Buck Brush in Cocobolo wood with an Oil finish. These classic "OG" wood calls are decorated with a polished brass band and engraved with the updated BG logo. Get one of our classics, and favorites, with the mellow tone of wood.

Double Nasty

The Double Nasty double reed duck call is one of the best-selling duck calls on the market and one of our original call designs. This is truly an all-purpose call with a ton of rasp built in, high volume on the top end, with easy air control on the bottom end. This double reed call does it all!

Buck Brush

The Buck Brush single reed duck call has plenty of volume without an overly aggressive style, offering a pure tone, a little whine when needed, and plenty of top-end when you need to grab their attention. This call has the classic length barrel and the modified toneboard for a more user friendly model.

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