Canada Hammer - Mossy Oak® Blades® w/ FREE DropLok Lanyard Attachment

Limited time offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, buy the Canada Hammer in Mossy Oak Blades camo and get a FREE DropLok call drop to add this call to any lanyard.

Our original short-reed Canada goose call is still the easiest operating goose call ever made. This call delivers fast reed pick-up and responsiveness, and it is hand-tuned to ensure performance that far exceeds the price. The Quick-Tune™ guts and reed system make cleaning, re-tuning, and re-assembly simple. The double O-ring insert forms an airtight seal with the barrel to enhance sound quality.

This camo version of the Canada Hammer is available in Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades®. We partnered with one of the best hydrographic decorators in the US to give these calls a high-quality, durable camo finish.

DropLok: Customize your lanyard with calls when and where you want them by using our DropLok attachment. The double-loop design securely holds both the barrel and the insert to prevent lost calls, and the rubberized slide prevents annoying twists in your call drops. The convenient carabiner clip will attach to any lanyard.