Vocal Varmint Call Tips

The Vocal Varmint handheld electronic predator call is great for use while hunting as a close-range finishing call. The simple push-button design allows you to make the right call at the right time with minimal motion. This device also doubles as a training aid for learning how to operate your Buck Gardner Predator Calls. As you play each sound, try to replicate the tone and cadence on your corresponding predator call.

Here's a few tips for using the Vocal Varmint:

The Vocal Varmint can be easily attached to your firearm with velcro tabs. This allows for easy-on, easy-off mobility of the call. By attaching it to the stock or fore-end of your gun, you can operate the call while staying in shooting position. This is a great feature for making one or two final finishing calls to lure a bobcat, fox, or coyote in for a clear shot.

The Vocal Varmint has a lanyard loop molded into the housing for easy addition to your lanyard. Simply pass the lanyard drop through the hole in the Vocal Varmint and pass the lanyard back through the loop to secure it.