Ultimate Coaxer - Calling Instructions

The Ultimate Coaxer is an all-purpose predator call designed to mimic a rodent in distress. The metal reed assembly allows for really loud, high-pitched tones. It is intended to produce shrill, pleading distress sounds, so don't be afraid to overblow or get to aggressive with this call - that's what it's made for. This call is deadly on bobcats, fox, and coyotes.

For all sounds listed below, place the mouthpiece of the call on your bottom lip and seal your top lip around the call, as if you are drinking from a bottle.

Coaxer: Low to Mid-range Volume
Start with your fingers closed loosely over the exhaust hole. Blow softly into the call, making "waaaaaah waah" sounds. As you blow each note, open your fingers away from the exhaust hole to allow more air flow and volume to escape the call. Increase your air flow to increase the volume of these sounds. 

Bird Distress Sounds
The key to the bird distress sound is rolling or "trilling" your tongue as you blow each note - like when you were a kid pretending to make a machine gun sound with your mouth. Using this technique, blow erratic cadences to mimic a wounded bird.