Distressed Rabbit Call Instruction

This call can be used for two distinct types of calls. First, it can be blown from the barrel like any standard call - this will produce the loud Distressed Rabbit squalls. Second, the call can be blown from the lower exhaust end to produce the quieter Mouse Squeaker function.

Distressed Rabbit
This call is easy to use and produces a very loud call. Place the mouthpiece on your bottom lip and seal your top lip around the call, as if you are drinking from a bottle. Blow into the call in a series of squalls and wavering wimpers - waaaaah waah waah. You can vary the volume and pitch, as well as produce a wavering sound, by using your fingers to cover the exhaust hole.

Mouse Squeaker
The Mouse Squeaker function is produced by the small plastic assembly built into the side of the insert (lower portion of the call). To operate the Mouse Squeaker, simply flip the call around and blow into the exhaust end of the call. The same techniques as above apply to this function as well. Vary your tone by changing the amount of air pressure you put into the call, and by using your fingers to slightly cover the opposite end of the call to choke down the sound emitted from the call.