Mossy Oak Duck/Goose Combo

Get the best of Mossy Oak on the two best cornerstone items in the BGC lineup. Both calls are decorated in Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades® and decorated by one of the best hydrographic decorators in the United States.

Buy the combo and save $20

  • The Double Nasty double reed is a cornerstone of our duck call line and one of the best-selling calls of all time. It is loud, extra-raspy, and guaranteed not to stick thanks to our Spit-Tech™ toneboard design. The Spit-Tech technology allows the call to blow when wet from saliva, condensation, and even accidental dips in the water. 
  • Our original short-reed Canada goose call is still the easiest operating goose call ever made. This call delivers fast reed pick-up and responsiveness, and it is hand-tuned to ensure performance that far exceeds the price. The Quick-Tune™ guts and reed system make cleaning, re-tuning, and re-assembly simple. The double O-ring insert forms an airtight seal with the barrel to enhance sound quality.