How to Re-Tune Buck Gardner's Double Nasty™ Call


 Parts in a Buck Gardner Double Nasty Call
Parts of a Buck Gardner Double Nasty Call
Place long plain reed on the soundboard first as shown in Figure 1. Make sure the reed is centered, square, and it is all the way to the back wall of the cork/wedge slot.
 Figure 1
Then place the dimpled reed on top of the plain reed as shown in Figure 2.
 Figure 2
Both reeds should be stacked neatly, squared, and all the way to the back of the wedge/cork slot. This step can be tricky, but it is vital that this is done correctly, so be patient and re-do if necessary. The dimple should be facing down creating a small gap between the two reeds.
Hold both reeds firmly between thumb and index finger, making sure they do not move forward or to the side (Figure 3).
Figure 3
Then wet the cork/wedge with water or spit. While holding the reeds and call insert with one hand, take other hand and place the wet cork/wedge into cork slot (Figure 4)
 Figure 4
and force to the back partially into the cork/wedge slot. Use a small screwdriver or anything small enough to fit in between the soundboard and the wedge/cork slot.
Figure 5. Make sure that there are no gaps between the wedge/cork and the back wall of the wedge/cork slot
 Figure 5
Figure 6. A lot of times we use the mouthpiece end of the duck call to push the wedge/cork back. Test the call and re-tune if necessary. It may take a couple of times to get everything straight, just keep trying until you get the desired sound.
 Figure 6
Another tip: the plain reed can be turned over (flip reed over 180 degrees) to create a different sound and level of back pressure.
If you are a SPITTER or have a problem with the call sticking you should flip the bottom reed over. This will usually stop the call from sticking. If it doesn’t, just contact us or send it to us and we will fix it at no charge.
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