Pro Staff

Our Pro Staff is full of men and women that have proven to be excellent representatives of the principles of Buck Gardner Calls: quality, education, and conservation. They carry the flag for the brand on a local and regional level at retail events, conservation events and, most importantly, in the field. The Pro Staff puts our calls to the test and helps us refine, improve, and innovate – all while educating others on being better callers, outdoorsmen, and conservationists.

Pro Staff - Arthur Loyd

Arthur Loyd

Pro Staff - Chet Veillon

Chet Veillon

Pro Staff - Dave Combs

Dave Combs

Pro Staff - Derek Russell

Derek Russell

Pro Staff - Jake Farley

Jake Farley

Pro Staff - Jay Shively

Jay Shively

Pro Staff - Jeff Bettis

Jeff Bettis

Pro Staff - Jeremy Mayard

Jeremy Mayard

Pro Staff - Jim Evans

Jim Evans

Pro Staff - Jim Smith

Jim Smith

Pro Staff - Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark

Pro Staff - Justin Boardman

Justin Boardman

Pro Staff - Kenny Coleman

Kenny Coleman

Pro Staff - Lucas Davis

Lucas Davis

Pro Staff - Madison Jacobson

Madison Jacobson

Pro Staff - Matt McLean

Matt McLean

Pro Staff - Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts

Pro Staff - Mike Schulman

Mike Schulman

Pro Staff - Ron Kee

Ron Kee

Pro Staff - Rusty Ducworth

Rusty Ducworth

Pro Staff - Scott Canavan

Scott Canavan

Pro Staff - Troy Thompson

Troy Thompson

Pro Staff - Valerie Thompson

Valerie Thompson

Pro Staff - Bill McCarthy

Bill McCarthy

Pro Staff - Chris Midgette

Chris Midgette

Pro Staff - Austin Burris

Austin Burris

Pro Staff - John Kelly

John Kelly

Pro Staff - Brett McGann

Brett McGann