Wood Duck, 6-in-1 Whistle, & Lanyard Combo

This combo is perfect for wooded marshes, swamps, and sloughs. It includes our Wood Duck, our versatile 6-in-1 Whistle, and a Triple Loop Lanyard to keep them on. 

Here's detailed information of each item:

Wood Duck Call:A quality wood duck call can be a valuable tool during both early wood duck and teal seasons, as well as the regular duck season. Bring fast-flying wood ducks into your spread by mastering the sounds of the contented whine while made on the water. Made of durable polycarbonate.

6-in-1 Whistle: Add versatility and realism to your duck calling by mixing in drake mallard quacks, pintail whistles, and more. This duck calling whistle is easy to use and a must-have for every duck hunter, and it has a larger bell end to cast greater volume than many whistles on the market. It's also a great call to give to kids or hunting guests that don't blow a duck call to make them part of the hunt. Replicates drake mallards, pintail, wigeon, teal, wood duck whistles, and even bobwhite quail. Buck has even been known to use this call as a dog whistle when he left his at home.

Triple Loop Lanyard: The Triple Loop Lanyard is made of durable, weather-resistant braided nylon with a stainless steel spring to secure and transport your calls. It is designed to securely hold one call at two attachment points (barrel and insert) to prevent lost inserts, plus a secondary call such as a whistle. The Triple Loop Lanyard can also be used to carry three calls with a single attachment point.