Speck Hammer - Specklebelly Goose Call Features an all-new guts system for better control and sound quality... Product #: SPKH based on 1 reviews Regular price: $25.00 $25.00

Speck Hammer - Specklebelly Goose Call

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The Speck Hammer is built with all-new redesigned guts that easily reproduce the yodels and clucks required to lure specklebelly geese into your set-up. Every Speck Hammer call is hand-tuned and tested, and makes a great addition to your lanyard for hunting the fast-growing population of white-fronted geese.

Carson Mixon on 08-29-2018 07:40 PM
The call is tough to master at first. I just couldn't seem to figure out the best way to hold and blow into the call. After some practice, I finally found the perfect position, and perfect is an understatement. This call sounds better than most of the high-end, high-dollar calls, and I can do all the calls that the expensive calls can do. Very pleased.
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