Duck Calls

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Buck Brush Acrylic Duck Call

The legendary Buck Brush Acrylic is one of Buck's favorites and always on his lanyard. It is loud and has a pure tone. Single reed.


Kryptonite Acrylic Duck Call

This competition-style call is loud enough to get attention on the contest stage as well as in the field.


Double Nasty 3 Diamondwood/Polycarbonate Duck Call

We can sum this call up in one word: RELIABLE. You wouldn't hunt with a shotgun that jammed every few shots - why would you hunt with a duck call that sticks when you need it most?


Mallard Hammer Polycarbonate Duck Call

Our classic Mallard Hammer is built with the realism of Cajun-style guts that many hunters prefer and injection molded from virtually indestructable polycarbonate to provide years of reliable performance.


Tall Timber Duck Call

Whether you're competing for public land ducks in the timber or you have your own block of woods, the Tall Timber has the aggressive, throaty sound you need to stand out.


Big Water Duck Call

The name of this call says it all - the Big Water single reed is your go-to call for open water duck hunting.


Diver Duck Call

You've endured harsh weather, tackled brackish waters, and put out four sets of long-line decoys - help all that hard work pay off by using the Diver Duck Call as another tool in your arsenal for success. Color: Black Pearl barrel/Smoke insert


Wood Duck Call

A quality wood duck call can be a valuable tool during both early wood duck and teal seasons, as well as the regular duck season.


Mallard Magic Duck Call

The Mallard Magic double reed duck call is a great for callers of all skill levels. Cajun-style tuning gives a realistic duck sound that many hunters swear by.


Calling Coach - Duck Calling

A handheld push-button training aid that lets you practice your calling as Buck demonstrates four key duck vocalizations.


Camo Double Nasty Duck Call

Our best-selling duck call now available in Mossy Oak® Blades® camo. Reliable and guaranteed not to stick when you need it most


C3 Double Reed Duck Call

The C3 Double Reed Duck call is a full-range call that features our C3™ exterior coating. This matte-finish coating delivers Comfort, Control, and Concealment.


Gadwall Call

The Gadwall Call provides another tool in your arsenal to create realism in your set-up.


Wood Duck Hammer

With a little practice, the Wood Duck Hammer will help you make the contented whines and social whistles that will have wood ducks landing in your lap.


Duck Call Kit - Field & Marsh

This duck call kit includes a quality braided lanyard and three duck calls hand-selected for hunting flooded fields and backwater marshes.