Duck Call Kit - Brakes & Timber

We assembled this duck call kit for hunters looking for a complete call setup to hunt flooded timber and wooded terrain like buck brush, willow brakes, or cypress swamps. This kit includes our Standard Braided Lanyard and some of our top call recommendations for these hunting environments. The calls ship to you set up on the lanyard and ready to hunt right out of the box. Here are the calls we selected for the Brakes & Timber Kit, and why:

- Tall Timber: this single reed duck call is loud and barky for getting ducks' attention deep in the woods. This call can handle ringing hail calls and aggressive feed calls, but still has plenty of low end finesse. We chose the Tall Timber for this kit because of the effectiveness of a loud, commanding call in the woods.

- Double Cross Short Barrel: this double reed call is a raspy all-purpose call, capable of a full range of tone and volume. The shorter barrel requires very little air pressure and makes for easier air control. We added the Double Cross to this kit because of its versatility and its benefits as a finishing call.

- Wood Duck Call: this easy-to-use call is a lot of fun for luring wood ducks into your spread. Learn to make social whistles and contented whines that wood ducks make while feeding and loafing on the water. Obviously, this call was added to the kit because wood ducks naturally make their home in these flooded woodland areas.