Banshee Acrylic Lesser Goose - Honker Camo

Introducing one of the smallest lesser goose calls on the market, The Banshee. Don't let the mere 3.75 inch size fool you, this call absolutely screams and can produce those ear piercing notes just like a lesser canada goose but can also come down and give you the low end moans and groans to finish birds. If you're targeting lessers or need to pull out something a little different for those weary late season greaters, this call can do it all. 

Only 15 available in this exclusive Honker Camo Deadshot Acrylic. (No call looks the same and are all numbered through 15) 

  • Limited Edition Acrylic
  • Shaved Reed
  • Modified Guts
  • 3.75 Inches Tall