LIMITED RUN SpitFire - Cocobolo barrel with Ivory Acrylic insert

We recently ran across these real cocobolo barrels while organizing the shop. Buck had them made approximately 10 years ago and they were left over from other projects. 

These limited-run SpitFire 1.5 reed duck calls are made with genuine cocobolo hardwood barrel decorated with a brass band. The brass band is pinned in four locations to keep the band secure as the wood naturally expands and contracts in extreme conditions that we face as waterfowl hunters. 

The SpitFire features our unique 'reed-and-a-half', or 1.5 reed, tuning setup. This provides more range like a true single reed, but with a little extra forgiveness like a full double reed. The acrylic insert is designed with our reliable Spit-Tech™ toneboard to prevent sticking due to excess moisture in the call. 

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