Honker Hammer Goose Call - Curly Maple Barrel/Ivory Acrylic Insert - ONLY 5 REMAINING

This custom Honker Hammer has a Curly Maple barrel that's teamed up with a hand tuned Ivory acrylic XL insert. The Copper band is held in place with dual rubber O-rings to help prevent cracking even with the natural variations that wood can experience when exposed to the elements.

The matte Ivory acrylic insert is assembled with our Workin' Man guts, hand shaved reed, and hand tuned. These guts give more versatility for those looking to custom tune to their liking.

Get one while you can, ONLY 25 were made and once they're gone, they're gone!

  • Curly Maple Barrel (Classic Wood Wax Finish) - Sourced in the USA
  • Ivory Acrylic Insert - 100% American Made
  • Copper Band - Possibly patinaed prior to being shipped
  • Limited Run - Only 5 Remaining