Duck Call Kit - Field & Marsh

We assembled this duck call kit for hunters looking for a complete call setup to hunt flooded fields and natural marshes. This kit includes our Standard Braided Lanyard and some of our top call recommendations for these hunting environments. The calls ship to you set up on the lanyard and ready to hunt right out of the box. Here are the calls we selected for the Field & Marsh Kit, and why:

- C3 Double Reed: this all-purpose double reed has a clean, pure tone and a volume range from low to medium-high. The C3 exterior coating is soft to the touch, giving it a comfortable mouthpiece and extra control in your hand, even in cold temps. We chose it for the Field & Marsh Kit because it is ideal for close-range calling and finishing birds without screaming at them.

- Buck Brush Short Barrel: this single reed call gives you plenty of volume to grab their attention from a distance, yet plenty of finesse when you have to stay on the call until the ducks are in the decoys. Think you're not into single reed calls? You need to try the Buck Brush. We consistently have hunters rave about this call after they try it, even when they say they can only blow double reeds.

- 6-in-1 Whistle: this is a must for all duck hunters. Easily replicate the calls of pintails, teal, and wigeon that feed and rest in fields and marshes.