Camo Duck & Goose Call Kit

We assembled this kit for hunters looking for a complete call setup to hunt both ducks and Canada geese. This kit includes our Standard Braided Lanyard and our top call recommendations in Mossy Oak camo options. The calls ship to you set up on the lanyard and ready to hunt right out of the box. Here are the calls included in this kit:

- Double Nasty Duck Call: The Double Nasty double reed is a cornerstone of our duck call line and one of the best-selling calls of all time. It is loud, extra-raspy, and guaranteed not to stick thanks to our Spit-Tech™ toneboard design. The Spit-Tech technology allows the call to blow when wet from saliva, condensation, and even accidental dips in the water. 

- Canada Hammer Goose Call: Our original short-reed Canada goose call is still the easiest operating goose call ever made. This call delivers fast reed pick-up and responsiveness, and it is hand-tuned to ensure performance that far exceeds the price. The Quick-Tune™ guts and reed system make cleaning, re-tuning, and re-assembly simple. The double O-ring insert forms an airtight seal with the barrel to enhance sound quality.