Tuning the Canada Hammer™ Series Goose Calls


Buck Gardner’s exclusive “Quick-Tune” short reed gut system consists of three parts; the reed, the wedge, and the tone board as in Figure 1.
Figure 1
Please note the “tuning pins and the tuning slots (in the reed) as shown in the diagram. Make note of the small nipple on one end of the wedge. It will always go to the back toward the tuning pins.
To check the “Bow” (Figure 2) of the reed, gently hold the reed between your thumb and first finger at each end of the reed. GENTLY start to apply pressure to the reed to see which way it flexes. DO NOT SQUEEZE TOO HARD; a little pressure will do the trick. Once you determine which way the reed flexes, then make sure the high bow side goes down against the tone board.
Note: On the Performance series Canada Hammer, make sure that the “shaved” portion of the reed faces up.
Figure 2
Assemble the three parts as shown in Figure 3A making sure the small nipple on the wedge is facing the tuning pins.
Figure 3A
Complete the assembly as shown in Figure 3B.
Figure 3B
Setting the gap — After the reed, trough and wedge have been assembled properly, grasp the squared flat end of the reed behind the tuning pins and pull back to make sure the gap at the front round end of the reed is set correctly
Figure 4. In one smooth motion, while pushing the reed and wedge toward the pins, slide the unit into the small end of the insert
Figure 5
until there is 1/8” of the wedge left exposed
Figure 6.
AND, IT’S TUNED! That is all there is to it.
Checking the gap — Push down on the tip of the reed to check and making sure it can drop into the tone channel without hitting the lip of the trough (Figure 7).
Figure 7
Now you can easily clean or retune your call anywhere without having to worry about getting it back together correctly.
If you have any problems or lose any parts, please contact us at (901) 946-2996 or by emailing prostaff@buckgardnercalls.com and we will be glad to help.
Remember to always hunt safe, obey all the game laws and whenever you can, Take a kid huntin’!
Shootem’ in the lips,
Buck Gardner

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